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  1. You are invited to submit Scouting articles for the FVC web site to If you do not hear back within 48 hours, please re-submit your request. Your submission may have been eaten by a spam filter.
  2. Please submit your article with a title and wording as it will read on the web site. Images are always welcome.
  3. Feel free to submit images (with article) for the upper slider section as well. A slider image must be 960x262px.
  4. When requesting changes, please specify the complete URL (click title of article and get the web address) of any article you would like updated, such as:
  5. Be specific with changes you would like to see, such as on the following page,, please change 'abc' to 'xyz'.
  6. Formatting will be changed to accommodate web standards, so don't spend much time formatting your article.
  7. When submitting an article, be specific when using dates, as opposed to 'next week'.
  8. Please ensure that publishing of submitted photos is permitted by parents and youth.
  9. Please include a title and description for any submitted photos.
  10. If you need to make significant changes to your article, please resubmit the entire article along with any photos. Don't just send a myriad of changes.
  11. When submitting multiple requests, please put them into separate paragraphs/bullet points. This makes it much easier to read.
  12. If you would like something published, please remember that you are responsible for ensuring the information submitted is accurate and to notify the webmanager when that content should be unpublished.
  13. Although the top level menu items are (pretty) fixed, we are free to add/remove submenu items/pages.
  14. Once your content has been added/updated, please review it to verify it's correct.

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