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Fraser Valley Council

Change is the only constant

Many people will recognize the phrase, "The Scouting Movement...", but not many will consider what that really means.

It means that as the needs and wants of the youth evolve, this organization needs to change along with it. We need to be in motion. Our website is no exception. There has been a team of scouters that have been working on revitalizing the national site, and to apply those changes to the council sites. That project is not quite ready yet. However we are not going to wait. We are going to use what we have as a resource for our members, and scouters. To that end we have made some significant changes.

We have:

  • reviewed, and removed old content
  • reviewed and updated links
  • asked select scouters for their input on what should be on the site
  • begun the task of adding relevant resources to the site

We're not done

There is a lot of content to add. And we will need your help. We're not there yet. WHen we are ready to engage all scouters fro content we will communicate it to you. We will also ask that any scouter or youth that has the time, and capability to help manage this resource going forward, that you approach your group commissioner, or any member of the Council Team and volunteer for the task.


Congratulation to our Council Voting Representatives We would like to recognize, Samantha Seney (Youth), Andrew Dallas and Viki Fanous who have been elected as Fraser Valley Council’s Voting Representatives for the period July 22, 2020 to July 21, 2021 or until the next elections are held. Thank you to everyone who stood as a candidate, nominated a candidate, voted, encouraged others to vote and to Tom Waldock who served as Deputy Elections Officer for Fraser Valley Council. More »
The 26th annual Cubskills, Saturday November 23,2019 • Centennial Beach• Boundary Bay Regional Park... 300 participant limit including OOS.... Each cub participates in a 12 station rotation Ranging from water safety, first aid simple shelters, T-shirt screen print, knots etc... The idea behind the activities to provide a jumping off point not only for the youth but for Scouter’s to continue activities at future meetings.... I have contacted all of last years participants and five new groups are interested ... so in the big picture we are very close to limit.... Hope to sea you in November!!! Peter More »
We had quite the "Pack" last year and look forward to it again. See you on September 20-22 at camp McLean. More »
A picture is worth a thousand words, but the important ones are September 27-29, Camp McLean. More »
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